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Intervju med Bear’s Den

Som jag nämnde i helgen så träffade jag bandet Bear’s Den i lördags och snackade lite. Här nedan kommer min lilla intervju (på engelska) med dom, hoppas ni gillar. 

Hello! Nice to meet you, how are you doing today? 

Pretty good, thank you.

So you’ve been to Sweden before, you were here supporting Daughter a few years back, right? And you are coming back in October playing here in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Yea that’s right, at Debaser! Could you help us figure something out though? We played at Debaser last time and it was like under a bridge, or near a bridge, by the waterfront… Are there two Debasers?

Yes there are! You were playing Debaser Strand the last time.

Yea and this time it said we are playing Debaser Medis, where is that?

It’s actually just down the road from here. 

Oh thanks’ for clearing that up! I was a bit confused…

So I was thinking if you could tell me something about Bear’s Den, who are you?

Good question. We’re a band from West London and we’ve been making music together for about 3-4 years now. We tour a lot and we play a lot of gigs. We play a variety of different music, or styles I guess, like folk-rock, indie and rock.
There’s two of us that do all the writing and conceiving of things and we have a big band with us here. All lovely guys and great musicians.

I just read that it used to be three of you but one of the guys just left the band not long ago. How is it going from a trio to a duo? How is that affecting Bear’s Den?

It was very sad, obviously when stuff like that happens, but at the same time it’s always good when everyone is happy with what they want to do with their life so in a way it was probably a very good thing for both us and Joey. At first it was really sad but now it’s really nice. I think we were quite nervous about how we would feel about going on tour without Joey but it’s been really nice. We’ve brought in two extra guys and they’ve been incredible.

Our new album that we are putting out soon is a bit different. It’s kinda nice that with the new album we’re like a new band. It’s quite nice and I think you should feel a bit like that; the nervousness and excitement of being like a new band again, which is really fun.
It’s also nice because we’ve been doing Bear’s Den for about 4 years but before that we were in other band together so I guess it’s still the sense of being on the same path. So it’s sad that he’s gone but the foundation is still the same.

For people who maybe haven’t heard of you before, what song of yours do you recommend they should start with? Do you have a favorite or is there a particular song that represents you? 

Probably ‘Above The Clouds of Pompeii‘.

Is the new album different or is it in the same kind of style like before?

I don’t think we think it’s any different but I think people will think it’s a bit different. To us it’s the same as it’s always been. It’s the two of us trying to figure out the song and then putting whatever instrument we want on top of that but the instrument we chose this time are a bit different from the first album. The first album perhaps had a few more acoustic guitars and banjos. This second album still has both of those things on most of the songs but we’ve introduced synths and electric guitars and bigger… Fuller drum kit sound. Like hi-hats weren’t a massive thing on our first album. More drummery! And the bass has become more of a thing. More stuff basically.

You have been out touring a lot. Do you have any fond memories, something weird or great that stands out?

We did something last year that was really cool. We were at a festival in Canada and we ended up going on stage with First Aid Kit and Mumford & Sons singing a Neil Young song in front of 60,000 people. That was pretty fun!
I thought I’d say First Aid Kit you know, because of Sweden. They are so good!
That show we did it was fun because the Mumford boys said just before they went on stage ”so who wants to join us on stage?” So we were thrown in this room with First Aid Kit and we really didn’t have the chance to go ”Hey you guys you are incredible, let’s talk about that for a minute” it was more like ”You are singing that, you are singing this”. It was really amazing. Those two voices just blended, they sounded so good. They are just brilliant.

Do you have tips of new music? What do you listen to?

Alex Vargas, he’s great. He’s a Danish/British artist and a friend of ours that we’ve toured with. He just got an EP out and that’s really good. Matthew and the Atlas new album, it’s very good album. Banfi got a new album coming soon, hopefully. That’s good and we are really excited about that.

Bear’s Den spelar i Stockholm 18e oktober och Göteborg den 19e oktober. Den 22a juli kommer deras andra platta ‘Red Earth & Pouring Rain’.

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