Till helgen ställer HAK inte mindre än två grymma akter på scen – lokala favoriterna Franska Trion och Richie Egans hyllade projekt Jape. Vi passade på att maila över några frågor till Richie, och fick bland annat veta vad han egentligen tycker om sitt artistnamn …


Hi! Who are we talking to?
– Hey this is Richie, I play bass and sing and program the live sets.

Tell us a bit about Jape!
– Jape started off as a side project a good few years ago now. I play bass in a band called The Redneck Manifesto, which is instrumental post rock stuff, but I always would write pop songs on the side. Eventually I had enough to put out an album, and from there began to play live. At this stage there are four albums, the early stuff kind of bounces around between acoustic tracks and electronic songs, and the later stuff is a lot more electronic. I see Jape as a vehicle for songs though so there’s no real fixed sound.

Is ”gothic pop” a good way to describe your music?
– For sure! I really like pop music but I like when it has some darker elements to it, I like the idea of a catchy tune but with lyrics or a melody that suggest melancholy … I think that’s why I like Swedish music so much, because it tends to have that melancholic thread running through it.

”I like the idea of a catchy tune but with lyrics or a melody that suggest melancholy”

I see! How did you come up with the name?
– It’s a long and boring story, and I actually don’t like the name too much any more – I think it sounds like a toilet cleaner or something! But, if you must know … I used to dj under the moniker Jonathan Ape years ago, so I shortened it to Jape.

Haha, well I like the name anyway! Tell us about your best gig, so far.
– Probably the year we played the electric arena stage at electric picnic (a big festival in Ireland) and there were like 12,000 people all going mental … Here’s a video of that 🙂

Wow! And on Friday you’re playing at HAK/Scandic Europa here in Gothenburg, what can we expect there?
– We’ll be playing as a two piece, a lot of sequenced synths with live bass playing, singing and percussion over the top … We are really looking forward to getting to Gothenburg, I went there once for Way Out West and it was such a beautiful place.

What are your other plans for the nearest future?
– I’m working on a solo album and we have a lot of festival shows in Ireland over the summer, I hope we can get to do some festivals in Sweden sometime soon too.

Let’s hope so! I understand you’ve lived in Malmö for a few years, what’s your favourite Swedish word?
– I love the word ”hen” for a gender neutral way of referring to somebody, I think that is super cool.

Maria Kopp

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